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Design & Branding: Building an Architectural Experience

  About the Event You’ve designed a strategic brand. You’ve researched your consumers and know what motivates them. You’ve established goals and a vision. Now what? You build your architecture to match your brand.   Brand engagement is an emotional commitment to a specific brand and to its influence. And while it can take many […]

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Form, Function and Interaction In Holistic Space Design

    About the Event This event has reached capacity, and therefore contact directly for more details, or to attend upcoming events! Bringing together talented and accomplished space designers, architects, artists and product designers, we will together explore the value of effective function, high art and design aesthetics and user experience with regard to how […]

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Sustainable Design: The Architecture of Future Business

    About the Event Sustainability is usually seen as something that leads to greater value to people and the planet, but many business owner and developers realised that deep green design buildings also provide real returns on a project basis. As a matter of fact being sustainable is not only about cost but more […]

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Designing Your Work Environment: Increasing productivity, wellness and creativity through space design

  About the Event We have invited industry experts in the fields of workspace design, architecture and high-end commercial design to present their unique insights into this topic, and show different examples of how they and their companies address specific needs and concerns of their clients, ranging from large corporations to smaller, more boutique companies and […]

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Experience Design: Immersive Spaces

About the Event In our contemporary society, space design transcends previously upheld notions of physical structure. Visitors and viewers alike tend to expect something more interactive and immersive stepping into various spaces- providing an unfamiliar experience, as well as one wherein they can gather memories, both personal and photographic. This unique cross-disciplinary group of presenters […]

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